The Genesis of Creation & A Steamy Surf Session

Detail of Observed and Recorded Permutation of The Holy Spirit X

Observed and Recorded Permutation of The Holy Spirit X

Before reading below try to Imagine............. Image #5 is 6.5 feet tall by 3.5 feet wide. It's large and imposing. 

Physical Inspiration: A Steamy Surf Session in the Pacific Ocean

 What I have learned about myself is that I continue to make art about the people and things that I love and I love surfing! Surfing changed quite a bit of my life few years ago but I never felt compelled to draw it or paint it....however, for some reason when I studied the early stages of this drawing, it seemed like water was the only solution for a balanced composition with the two top heavy orbs.

There is a level of love that has to be attached to a person or situation for it to show up in my artwork. There was one outstanding, very particular day my good friend-surf partner and I continue to recall. I was just learning to surf, it was a grey, late afternoon, the waves at Blackies were large enough for a significant number of short boarders to come out and surf. The waves were probably 4ft in reality but felt like 6ft to me. The air was such that it created what looked like steam on the surface. We've all seen this effect in pools and jacuzzis, but this was created naturally, not by water heaters and cold California evening air. It was special!  It began to rain and when we looked out at the sea in front of us we could hardly see anything but ominous conditions. The rain sprinkles dropped and become one with the ocean and the ocean created steam as if to say something back to the rain. I was right in the middle, watching their conversation.

Spiritual Inspiration: The genesis of creation

The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. When I read this verse, I knew it applied to this erasing-drawing! (Genesis 1:2)

I'd love to know your thoughts. Send them my way when you the have time or the inclination. Stay tuned for more about how I observed and recorded God's Spirit and why nature tells us so much about God.



Title: Observed and Recorded Permutation of The Holy Spirit - X

9.5 inches x 21 inches-pastel erasing on dura-lar

Location: Bakersfield Museum of Art

Event: #OpeningReception Extended


*price available upon request

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*each erasing has the same title with a roman numeral: Observed and Recorded Permutation of The Holy Spirit - I, II, etc.