A Straining Mental Leap

Detail of Observed and Recorded Permutation of the The Holy Spirit II

Observed and Recorded Permutation of The Holy Spirit II

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Physical Inspiration: A Thunderstorm-Supercell from Glasgow, Montana

Supercell Definition: Supercells are highly organized storms characterized updrafts that can attain speeds over 100 miles per hour, able to produce extremely large hail and strong and/or violent tornadoes, downdrafts that can produce damaging outflow winds in excess of 100 mph - all of which pose a high threat to life and property.

Spiritual Inspiration: "The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

The definition of a Supercell and the scripture read together are a straining mental leap that I can not imagine but try to understand by faith - Jesus is the power behind the Supercell and the words in the Bible.

This passage is in the Book of John and he is quoting Jesus talking to a man at night named Nicodemus. Jesus simply said, "Everyone must be born again." He qualified that by saying, people who are born of the flesh are one with their flesh, and those who are born of the Spirit are one with the Spirit.

Essentially what he means is...when we were all born, we were born of the flesh, we are slaves to our carnal desires indefinitely, however tame or destructive they are - which pose a high threat to our lives and loved ones. But, if we choose a life with Jesus Christ, then and only when we ask to be saved we are finally born of the spirit.

"The Holy Spirit comes like the wind-not visible, but absolutely felt. Sometimes in a powerful storm, sometimes with the faintest stirring. He fills whomever He will to accomplish the Father's will. Whether a savage storm or a calm breeze, the Lord's presence is made known to those who can feel." R.Ehrke

That is amazing grace!

This was the very first of thirteen erasings-drawings in the series.



Title: Observed and Recorded Permutation of The Holy Spirit - II

9.5 inches x 21 inches on dura-lar

Location: Bakersfield Museum of Art

Event: #OpeningReception Extended

Last Quote: Roxanne Ehrke, Lover of Christ